Friday, June 27, 2008

One more game

I need a serious shot of caffeine. Right in my veins if you please. Against my better judgement I went to watch the semi-finals of the Eurocup, Spain vs. Russia. Two a.m. Why can't the football gods be kind to those of us in Asia? We love you football gods, but honestly, I'm just glad this is only every two to four years, otherwise I'd be dead with caffeine and stress.

Thank goodness Spain won. I'm thrilled, totally looking forward to the finals. It's Germany vs Spain, two powerhouses of European football, and a game that mirrors the North-South personalities of the game itself. Spain isn't as soulful as Brazil, but they tend to be spunkier, and far less predictive than the Germans. The team also has a tendency to choke. In the last three World Cups the Spanish team has either been eliminated in the first or q'final rounds. Even though they may do well in their group, they can't seem to get the psychological force of a team and win! This year will be different! Tens of thousands of heads are being prepared for a clean shave if Spain wins (this is the promise, online petition, of the fans of the Spanish team). What's a mere hirsute lock of hair for regaining Eurocup glory?

My friend M didn't get to go to the Eurocup as she had planned, so she's here in Manila, suffering with the rest of us, and as with most of our annual mini-competitions, we have our bets on. Since I called Spain early on, she's forced to take the side of the Germans, who only has one player she actually likes. I already know where she's going to take me for my winner's meal after Sunday!


ChichaJo said...

Where did you watch? C feels so bad he missed this game...we are watching the finals for sure! :) Where are you guys watching?

mtan said...

Let's watch it! Monday morning I think. Agh, another strong coffee morning.

Katrina said...

You know, I remember one of the first times (or I think it was the first time) the two of us went out to eat was right after you had stayed up late to watch World Cup and then skipped work the next day. We then had lunch at Nuova Pasteleria for the antipasti platter. :-)

So, where have you been watching? Did you get a hotel room again?

mtan said...

No, went with M to a sports bar in Makati. Looks like I might meet up with Nena on Monday morning to watch the finals. Come out with us! Eat chorizo sisig!

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