Monday, June 30, 2008


Weekends are the getaway from the grind of the weekday. We work from Monday to Friday, occasionally Saturdays, and attempt to regain some of the flux back on Saturday and Sunday. Catch up on sleep, clean the cat box, bring the dog to the groomers and vet, visit a few sales, read, watch tv, have breakfast with friends, and even get last minute dinner invites from friends who you don't see in ages. All of that in the pot, stir, and hope for something positive for a Monday morning.

However, I don't feel that this morning. I feel all betwixt and bothered and bewildered, unfortunately no pal joey. My dog was all ok till Saturday when we noticed wet doggie doo. Two days of that and then reduced appetite. The doctor recommends adding some lactobacilli to her diet (Yakult), and if we still have a problem by tonight, then I bring her in to the vet tomorrow.

I also can't find my *&!%#@ passport! If there's one thing a traveller panics over, it's losing the official document. I'm trying to get it renewed before trips later this year and now I can't find the doggone thing. Dogs and messed up Mondays. I'm going for a walk.


Katrina said...

I hope all will be sorted out soon, Mila. :-)

mtan said...

I'm thankful that my passport was found (my hiding skills are going to give me greater grief, I just know it!) this morning. And in my relief, I accidentally broke my glasses. How about that for life's little give and take?

Katrina said...

Oh, my. Well, at least you have contacts. It isn't as easy to do without a passport. :-)

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