Thursday, June 05, 2008


Four women, a van, and a short road trip. Whatever could we end up talking about?

9:20 am "Oooo, Obama clinched the nomination, remember this moment!" "So thrilling, so historic, but my son wanted Hillary!" "Really? Why was he for her?" "He's only 10! But he told me that as a woman I should be for Hillary - 'Mom, you're a strong woman, so Hillary's the candidate for strong women' - I told him it wasn't so simple..."

9:35 am "Did you hear about Richard Quest?" "The CNN guy?" "Yeah! He got caught with drugs and what's that called when guys strangle themselves when having sex?" "Oh, you mean what happened to Michael Hutchins?" "Who... oh the INXS singer... yeah, autoerotic something. Wait, you mean Quest is dead?" "No, but he had a rope around his neck and his hoohoo, and he was caught in Central Park, what an idiot!" "Well, he's probably not that well known in the US, so cruising Central Park might have been the safest place for him!"

9:50 am "Look at all the lush greenery out there, is that the Candaba Swamp?" "Yeah, it looks uninhabited, no?" "Good for the egrets, or am I confusing them with herons? White birds (flaps arms)." "Egrets." "Lahar probably destroyed so much of the swamp though..." "Let's hope they don't start building houses here." "Overpopulation is going to creep up on this space, blink of an eye, gone! (with a snap of the finger)" "Yeah, too many people having too many kids, time to advocate a one child policy like China!" "You're joking right?!"

After arriving at our destination and attending to the work related details, we started back for the big city.

2:30 p.m. "Look how green it is here, it's not like this in Manila, it's so grey and sooty." "Maybe we should suck up our trash and pollution and shoot it up in the atmosphere" "What!!!" "Well, didn't you read the new theory of multi-universes? We could send our trash to the universe that will welcome and recycle!!!"

3:30 p.m. "Her lashes are soooo fake, and did you see how perfect her nose is? Major Belo!"

3:40 p.m. "A friend of a friend told me that Iglesia ni Christo churches will turn into spaceships when the world goes to pot and take their faithful worshippers out into space." "No way. You joke." "No, M, you've heard of this right??" "Yeah I have heard a rumor to that effect." "This Singaporean artist wants to do a documentary on the INC churches but can't get approval from the higher ups in INC." "No duh. Secret society yada yada..." "I taught the Manalo grandson, majorly confused. Won't talk about the family, but he's the blacksheep of the family." "The Sing guy is obsessed with INC." "Artists are crazy."


Katrina said...

OMG, I didn't know that had happened to Richard Quest! I Googled it and now I feel totally out of the loop, 'cause I didn't even know he was gay! Not that it's at all surprising. I read several websites, and apparently the rope part of the story, and even the sex toy part, are unconfirmed. The major news sites just say he was caught loitering in Central Park after closing hours, with meth in his pocket (which, strangely enough, he told them he had...he must've been really high). But then, I'd expect CNN to keep the more lurid details out of the news, so who knows? The rope and sex toy stuff might be true.

Last Sat. night, after watching SATC, seven of us girls ate, drank and chatted till sunrise. I love how girltalk can encompass a whole gamut of topics and go on for hours on end! :-)

ChichaJo said...

I heard about Richard Quest from my cousin...who for years has been such a fan! She has even written him in the past! Anyway, she is kinda a Charlotte so you can imagine her shock and sadness...

Actually I liked him too...he was fun to watch!

Anyhoo, yes, love girl talk! Can never get enough :) When I'm with K we can go on for ages...her daughter has actually asked her, "What do you and ninang Jo talk about?" (when K told her we had yet another girl-date)

Did you ever see the photo of those two girls on our Halong Bay tour that gabbed (and took photos of each other) the whooooole time we were there? They are the perfect example of this (to almost cartoonish proportions)! Every time I remember them I have to chuckle :) I know some people wanted to strangle them already but I thought they were cute...

Katrina said...

I told Felipe, who likes Richard Quest a lot, about the incident today, and he seemed pretty nonplussed. He still likes the guy daw. Actually, the overwhelming majority of comments online are positive -- wishing RQ well, and hoping he will remain on CNN -- clearly, he is a well-liked guy. In stark contrast to, say, the reaction whenever Britney gets caught doing something embarrassing!

mtan said...

Lol, did you guys read the comment that he had been offered a job in Al-Jazeera? Can you imagine, a Jewish gay guy working for the islamic news group.

Katrina said...

Yes, one article I read said he'd turned down the job because of precisely those reasons, but a comment naman said he'd been rejected for the position. I believe the former, because he could only have been rejected if he'd applied, and I don't think he would!

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