Monday, June 23, 2008

Movie trailers

After work today, I went to Glorietta to watch a movie. Perusing the shows on offer, I decided on Get Smart with Steve Carrell, it was about to start in 10 minutes, while Made of Honor had just started. I wasn't into catching The Hulk, even with Ed Norton. After I get my ticket, and buy a chocolate shake at Dairy Queen, I enter the darkened theater, and search out an empty chair. I can hear the trailer playing, but it's only when I'm ensconced in my seat that I realize it's the X-Files movie trailer. Hmmm. Dana's hair sure is long and Mulder looks older. Storywise, it looks confusing. The guy from Mrs. Brown has blood coming from his eyes! A lot of frozen ground. Still confusing. Ooo Mulder is about to kiss Dana! Got to see the movie if only for that.

Huh, Star Wars? I didn't know they had another episode to show... wait a sec, it's all animated. And weird. Yoda looks ok. Hey, Jabba! What is this story all about... Obi wan, Christopher Lee? Ah Clone Wars. I see. Nope, not watching it. Looks like a badly animated Saturday cartoon.

Dark Knight. My oh my. It's sad, and a tad creepy to watch Heath Ledger in white face. Why does Michael Caine have to take on such minimal roles like Alfred? He's got two Oscars and he's playing Alfred. Sheesh.

Baz Luhrmann's Australia. Nicole looks good in it, no dancing or singing though.


Katrina said...

I was surprised at how many trailers I saw before our movie tonight. I like to come in early to catch the trailers, but there were just a couple too many -- F had eaten all his popcorn before the movie even began! Yet, I didn't see the "X-Files" trailer. F says "Clone Wars" is supposed to be really good. I'm sure we'll watch it, him being a huge Star Wars fan and all.

So, how was "Get Smart?" I am thinking of watching another movie tomorrow while F plays badminton. Choosing between "Kung Fu Panda," "Get Smart," or "Urduja." I know, it doesn't look very good, but I want to support local animators. :-)

ChichaJo said...

I really want to watch X Files...but I'm scared I might be too scared! Ok, does that make sense?

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mtan said...

Hi Katrina, Get Smart was ok in parts, Carrell is probably the best thing about the entire film.
Joey, I know what you mean, plus the movie will be more like one of the stand alone horror stories, not on the alien arc. But we have to watch it!!!! Let's go when it's out in Manila.

ChichaJo said...

Yes, ok let's! Argh! I know I'm going to regret it in the bath!

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