Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm not in Kansas for sure

It's a rare day when I want to write more than one post on this blog, but my brain's full of stuff these days, thinking, worrying, imagining, creating. But a few moments ago, I was staring at my shoes and wondering why I have this thing for flats lately. Ballet flats, leather, suede, and plastic. I've suddenly accumulated around 6 pairs in the last year - two from a local shoe company that custom made my flats for me including a bespoke brown pair that I chose specifically for it's color, another black ballerina flat and a purple suede one in San Francisco, then a pair of blue crocs, and a few days ago, gold Melissa sandal flats. The latter two pairs are sort of completely out of my normal routine. I was anti-crocs for what seemed like forever, partly due to what was an ugly design. But I walked into the store a few weeks ago, saw this design and bought them. They won't work with everything, but I sure do wear them a lot with grey and black clothing, plus anything in shades of pastel.

The gold sandals by the Brazilian company Melissa is also another case of impulse shopping. Do I need gold shoes? No. Do I need another pair of flats, well, not really. And do I think plastic shoes are the best thing for my feet in this tropical, muggy climate? Er. Ok, no. But they're cute! And the kicker, they came in my size! And when I put them on this morning, I felt like I needed something shiny, glittery, which would leave a faint golden trail wherever I go today to boost me through the day. It's been a long, difficult week, and gold shoes, impulse or no, are just the thing to make me contemplate happier moments. So far, I've been told by three seperate people today that I look really good; I'm going to tap my gold shoes' heels together.


Katrina said...

Gold shoes shoo off the blues. :-)

ChichaJo said...

Do you ever need a reason to buy gold flats? No :)

Don't fight it Dorothy! ;)

mtan said...

Do I add Toto to Ebi-Dana's name? It's growing longer and longer!

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