Friday, June 20, 2008

Brit soul

If you believe the music writers, there's a new brit invasion on the music scene (segue - why do they call it an invasion? It sounds like a bee hive taking over, buzzing away, and I never matched British singers to bees. Do the Brits call the omnipresent American movies an American swarm? Locust swarm that eats away at the very fiber of one's fabric.), this time led by female soul singers. The biggest of them all is Amy Winehouse, but on her heels are the trio soloists of Duffy, Adele and Gabrielle Cilmi (they were labeled The New Amy's by the music critic of the Times). I enjoyed listening to Amy Winehouse, and had to avoid reading all her news nonsense since it sort of detracts from enjoying her talent. Of the three new girls, Adele sounds the closest to AW, that same Billy Holiday vocal angst, hints of the 50's and 60's rhythm, although I'm not sure if Adele sports a funky hairdo since I've only heard her songs. I caught a tv performance of Duffy a month ago and have sought her songs online. My favorite of her songs is Rockferry from her debut album of the same name. Mercy is the big breakthrough hit from the album, but Rockferry resonates with me. I can see her in my head wailing that song. I like sad songs.

I've seen but have not bought a copy of the new Coldplay album. I was a fan of their first two compilations (Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head), but wasn't keen on their last output (X&Y). Instead I refreshed my fandom of Radiohead's older album Ok Computer and the most recent album In Rainbows. It didn't hurt that Johnny Greenwood is a genius who composed the soundtrack for There Will be Blood. Discordant and haunting.

When you're stuck in a hospital, music can be the only balm to get you out of a funk.

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