Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pardon me, I need to puke

Two back to back news items make me want to scream - the Intramuros Development Administration cut down over 20 full grown trees in a park in Manila. All that's left are stumps, with numbers callously scrawled in red ink. DENR will sue them under RA 933, a Marcos era law that states anyone who is found guilty of cutting down trees in parks and other national spaces can be sent to jail for 6 months. I say that's not enough of a punishment. All of those idiots who are in charge of that office should be made to recycle all the biodegradable garbage in the city of Manila for one year, and plant 100 trees for each stump they left behind. If any of the trees planted die, they'll have to plant 50 more.

The second piece made me feel even worse. A Vietnamese fishing boat was caught with what looked like 100 pawikan (sea turtle) carcasses. Full grown adult turtles, they won't be around to grace our reefs. The environmentalist interviewed said he felt bad. I felt sick to my stomach.


Isabetlog said...

And what possessed the Intramuros admin to do such a thing? They, of all people, should know the laws and repercussions!

Oh and those poor pawikans! Where was the boat found? The sad thing is that no matter what punishment they get, the deed's done.

Manggy said...

Holy crap, that's awful. "Bad" doesn't even begin to cover it.

Some "development" the IDA (curiously could also mean Iron-Deficiency Anemia) is working on. Morons. I have no clue where they got the idea that the graying of Manila was progressive/ beautiful.

Katrina said...

Isn't the new head of the Intramuros org. Carlos's friend? Bambi Harper, is it? Wonder what Carlos has to say about this. I hope the DENR really pursues this.

The pawikan case reminds me of the Phil. Eagle one here. Hard to say who's really to blame, sometimes.

mtan said...

Belle, the boat may have been caught off the coast of Palawan, since it was the Palawan environmental spokesperson saying how badly he felt. I really don't understand how they could have lopped off all those trees without someone stopping them Manggy. I checked Carlos' blog but he hasn't posted anything on it yet. Of course there's an ironic twist, the current DENR sec is Lito Atienza!

lorna said...

Those are simply horrible...

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