Friday, September 26, 2008

Not sure what day it is

It's not quite jetlag, but my body does feel like the constant travelling over the last week (or maybe more) is pressing down on bits and parts that I've neglected over the last few months (or years, decades even). There was the three day train sprint, transcontinental, which was full of gorgeous scenery, interesting stories from co-train travellers, innumerable people watching (and judging), thinking, musing, and scratching. Ay, three days without a shower is enough to drive me crazy. I don't know how other people manage, but I did have to mentally work hard not to scream out in frustration over the lack of water. My kingdom for a shower!

But the glorious end of that test of endurance lay in the beautiful city of Portland. Perfect weather waited for me at the end of my three days, and while the city's denizens may contradict me, it was magical. Crisp, clean, blue skies, easy on the skin sun. We ate at friend's homes for two nights, otherwise I would have had more restaurant notes. But there's nothing like convivial eating and gathering over a home cooked meal, so no complaints from me. We did have a lovely day of sweets and wines, and the essence of the trip (Powells!) was never going to be skipped over. In this current state of grogginess, I won't attempt to do justice to my short Portland foray (I'll wait till I have a tipple of the lovely wine finds when I'm back!). Maybe I'll follow a friend's suggestion and make word cloud tees out of my love for the city (Erath, Argyle, August Cellar, St. Cupcake, Voodoo Donuts, Butter Bunny...).

I'm back in Sunny California for the rest of my stay. I will reunite with girlfriends who have married and moved here over the weekend, and by next week revisit one of my favorite gardens. There's a great deal of thinking left to do.


Katrina said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful and relaxing vacation, Mila! (Well, save for the tummy trouble, but that's not too terrible.) I had no idea the train trip meant no showering! I don't know what I expected -- that maybe there were showers in the cabins, or stopovers where you could use the bathroom. You mean people who go on those long train rides don't shower the whole time? The smell in the train must be toxic!!!

Manggy said...

Oh, ew! That is the second worst part about long travel-- the feeling ratty and gross. (Well, if you happened to be on the PAL flight I took, the worst is the food. Bleaaagh.) Portland sounds lovely, I have a few blogger friends from there-- too bad the Oregon medical board is not very open to people like me :/ Have a great trip!

wysgal said...

Thinking is always good! And airports are great for thinking too. This may sound corny, but I like to do my thinking when I have my quiet time in church. =)

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Pike Market Peonies