Friday, September 19, 2008

Best flowchart out there

Thanks to a link from a friend, I found the Bacon Flowchart! For all my bacon loving friends (and you know who you are), remember wear pants when frying bacon.


ChichaJo said...

I LOVE IT!!! Ok, I am not reading any more blogs tonight...this has to be the last thing in my head before I go to sleep :) :) :)

Baaaacon!!! Siiiiiighhhh!

Katrina said...

Would you believe I have a pack of bacon in the freezer that I've just been too lazy to fry up?! But your post has convinced me that that bacon is going straight into the fried rice (which was inspired by Joey's post naman) for lunch tomorrow! I can't wait, I'm hungry for it already!!!

P.S. Grabe! I just told Joey about this post now, while I was typing in my comment, and yet she beat me at commenting! Shows which one of us is the bigger bacon fan. ;-)

mtan said...

LOL, sweet dreams Joey and Katrina! Gosh you guys stayed up late tonight! Just realized it's Friday night there, ay! my sense of time is warped.

Socky said...

I just cooked bacon for breakfast! Crisp and crumbled on poached egg! Hooray for bacon!

Katrina said...

HAHAHA!!! If our collective cholesterol count shoots up, it's Mila's fault! ;-)

Am currently eating bacon on my fried rice. Just very disappointed they ran out of eggs in the store, so the craving started by Joey's Kimchi rice picture isn't fully appeased. But! The bacon more than makes up for it!

Speaking of pork...Mila, did you get my text yesterday about the Cebu Pac FREE domestic tix promo? Felipe just happened to hear about it on the car radio yesterday afternoon, and it's a good thing he called me immediately, because less than two hours after I booked our tix to Cebu for the MM Lechon Eyeball, Joey and my sister said they were all gone! To think that the promo doesn't even officially start till today. I guess most of the free tix were for weekdays, which is expected. Sayang, I was hoping we could all go to Cebu for free. :-( But now Felipe is THRILLED 'cause his AM-listening ways have paid off! ;-) So, YAY! We will be in Cebu for the lechon feast! (Wait till Joey tells you about her dilemma and how she resolved it...)

mtan said...

Katrina, no I haven't received any texts, but then I have not put my phone on for a few days. I'll just suck up the price of the cebupac ticket when I get home.
I saw the emails though so I'm looking forward to eating lechon with you guys soon!!!

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