Monday, September 01, 2008

Balut diplomacy

At a food event yesterday afternoon, I think there was headway made in making balut less of a fear food! A visitor from S. Asia was treated to a fresh 18 day balut, and she ate most of it! So kudos to her! And to all you folks out there still afeered of the duck egg, I say to you: qvack.


ChichaJo said...

Balut is good! I don't really like the egg yolk part though...just the soup and the chicky :) Nice to get them young so you can slurp the whole chicky with no fear of a big beak!

Nothing comes close to the soup of balut in my book! Magic soup that ne'er passed through a chef's hands...just straight to you lips! How can you beat that? :)

mtan said...

Virgin soup! lol yes, it's such a wonderful start when the first thing you taste is great broth.
Give me your egg yolk! hahahaha, strange when it's said out loud!

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