Monday, September 08, 2008

Chugging along on the train tracks

Jetlag is over after a 7 hour straight snooze (on the smaller sofa I discovered after waking up curled, fetal position, in my day clothes, horrors!, but pretty comfortable in any case). My friends are about to bid me onwards as I take my first leg of the train trip east, up to Chicago (unless I am swayed by the sight of the Grand Canyon at the stop in Arizona), and after a few days there, to see good friends at Indiana U. Next week will find me in DC, then back on the train west to Portland for donuts and wine and Powell's (my definition of Nirvana). But let's not jump the gun, as it's been a relatively relaxing few days in the city of Angels. Had good meals: Mexican breakfasts (chilaquiles and horchatas), Thai noodles for midnight dinners, Hawaiian breakfasts of pancakes plus portugese sausages, japanese ramen, pizza, and an ube shake with pulled pork at the Oinkster (thanks M and B!). I also treated friends to a whole grilled fish at the San Pedro Port O'Call, watching the seabirds attempt to snatch at the overly buttered garlic breads (or perhaps I should call them loaves since these were not a slice or two of white bread, nope, these were 18 inch mammoth loaves slathered in butter and garlic. Those birds better have their cholesterols checked.).
Thanks to R, I've finally gotten to see Olivera St., and we caught Wicked at the Pantages. Has it only been 4 days?


Katrina said...

Wow, just your first stop, but already you've had great food, entertainment, and company! And, hey, you got to go for ube shake with the BL couple, how fun! How were the shake and pulled pork?

Marvin said...

I'm glad we got to visit with you for a little bit, and I hope Oinkster wasn't too much of a disappointment;) Thanks for the jam!

Achilles Ferdinand Stamatelaky said...

Nice trip!

I have been living in Boston for 16 years and until now I haven't drink and eat Ube shake.

lorna said...

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun!

mtan said...

Hi Katrina, the shake was interesting (slightly more coconutty than ube) and the pulled pork was like Marvin wrote when he reviewed it in Feb - a bit dry if you don't slosh some of the vinegar on it, but it definitely was flavorful. Porky!

Marvin, thank you for commuting so far out of your way to take me to the Oinkster. Looking forward to drinking the wine.

Achilles, thanks! Ube shake may be found in LA. Might work if you can get ahold of ube ice cream in Boston, and add some ice, blend.

Lorna, yes, the trip's been lovely so far. Good opportunity to reconnect with friends here.

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