Friday, September 19, 2008

Be still my gurgling

My stomach is upset. It gurgles, it roars, it screams. It's upset because it's owner has tried to taste as much of the neighborhood's treats all in one day. And it's not going to take anymore. From pupusas and horchatas, to local chilli, to fish and broccoli, and way too much dairy, add to it some local soul food, my stomach has had to suffer all that the upper end of the body has been tempted with. The eyes have seen and have been tempted by too much on offer. The mouth opens to accept the temptations once they have been purchased and plated, with help by the hand to raise it to the mouth. And as the brain analyzes each taste and tingle, the stomach is forced to process all of it. It's not happy. I send mental apologies to it, and sip on hot water. I promise not to put it through that again (or at least not for a few days).


Isabetlog said...

Hey Mila! Hope that stomach of yours gets better. But at least there was a short time that you actually enjoyed everything that was on offer and at least you get to purge them unlike those awful McDonalds fries! I'd do it all over again hahaha :D

Katrina said...

I agree with Belle -- not that I know how much suffering you're going through, but didn't you think it was worth it, to try all those goodies you can't get here? In fact, I'm envious of you for all the new tastes you've discovered! I remember being in the Paragon Food Court and buying TEN different things to eat, only to get a call that Felipe and my friends were about to join me! Not wanting them to bear witness to what a glutton I am, I had to hurriedly scarf most of it down before they arrived. Thankfully, my stomach was up to it. Despite its rebellious expansion, I love how hardy my tummy is. There's always room for Just. One. More. :-D

So what was your favorite among the different culprits behind the stomach upset?

mtan said...

The half-smoke chilli dog! lol
My lesson of the day is the chilli and too much dairy right after it is not a good combination. I think that's what did me in. I'll be purging for the next three days, the train will be a cleansing period. Then voodoo donuts here I come!

Katrina said...

Yeah, that was my first thought, too -- all that dairy is definitely going to be one of the culprits, and with chili = KAPOW! ;-) But think of it this way: the purging means you didn't absorb as many calories as you might've, which means you'll have room to spare for the Voodoo doughnuts! :-D

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