Friday, April 25, 2008


I'm praying for sun. The school has an afternoon to early evening activity with all our students, parents, faculty, staff, and board members. We've been planning this for two months, all the preparations are on hand, we have little huts set up around the field to provide food, a stage for the band and performances, but as I look up into the sky, it's grey, gloomy and looks like rain. Why oh why in the middle of summer, are we having to worry about rain? Yes, I've heard of La Nina, Yes, global warming too. But why today? Rain god head back home, herd your clouds back into their stables. Sun, come out of hiding.

5:00 pm update: it poured buckets from the sky for an hour, turning the field into a sodden mess. Sigh. Good thing for back up plans and manpower. We've managed to move the food and most of the tables indoors and the event will push through, albeit a bit cramper than planned.


Katrina said...

And as I read your post, it started to pour. Strangely, it seems to have almost stopped already, though. I hope the sun comes out and your event goes smoothly. Maybe the rain will even cool it down. Sigh...climate change is upon us, indeed. :-(

Ruy said...

That sucks. Just as I was in Pampanga all day with a killer migraine and in serious danger of collapsing from heat stroke.
I'm sorry to hear about the uncontrollable set back you had today.

I guess our prayers got switched somewhere during the delivery.

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