Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Moses laid to rest

How many times have you seen The Ten Commandments? I can't count the number of times it was shown in the movie houses or on tv when I was younger. During Easter, there were very few options available, so it was either The Ten Commandments, the Robe, another movie about Moses, and a couple of biblical movies. I don't remember Ben Hur being shown that often, but my mother let us watch it once since she figured Charleston Heston was Moses in the other film so BH must be good viewing. Or so I thought.

Then she started introducing his other movies - El Cid (Sophia Loren vavavoom!), Planet of the Apes, Agony and the Ecstasy, and then probably the movie that made me turn from CH - Soylent Green. What cheese. Or maybe in this world of GMO, what amazing foresight!


Katrina said...

Soylent Green is made of people!!!!! Hahaha!!!

Felipe loves that movie. He's a B-movie fan.

mtan said...

Dont let the secret out!!!! LOL

Felipe, tsk tsk tsk. Actually, I used to confuse Soylent Green with How Green is My Valley, hehehe

Katrina said...

I got turned off to Charlton Heston a long time ago, when I learned of his very pro-guns stance. Did you see him on "Bowling for Columbine?"

That reminds me -- we saw "Sicko" last weekend and were APALLED. For a wealthy country, the US treats their citizens like crap! Their extreme anti-communist/socialist beliefs are keeping them from enjoying benefits that the rest of the Western world enjoy. After all my complaints about local HMOs, I couldn't believe that I actually get better service from my HMO than Americans do!

mtan said...

Well why do you think they have this strange stance against the metric system?!

wysgal said...

Soylent Green is made of people ... PEOPLE!

That's one of cinema's most memorable lines. May not be the *best* ... but it's definitely memorable. =)

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