Thursday, April 17, 2008

Eminent feeding

What do you feed a President, a King, an Emperor or the Pope? What don't you give them when they're dropping by? In online news today, it's been noted that the Pope doesn't really need any more veal sausages of Bavarian issue. I'm sure he doesn't get that homesick for it, and must be easy enough to call up his local deli for a taste when he's back at HQ.

Recently, I had a family dinner at a local restaurant that served the last Pope that visited the Philippines. They kept the silverware and platters and had it displayed near the front door. Photos of the meal adorned the sides, and a small plaque noting the date of the auspicious event. Off-hand, I wondered aloud with my sister why they washed the dishes and utensils after. Wouldn't it be even more interesting to see the fingerprint of the pope on the wine glass?


canDIshhh said...

I know that resto!! :)

Katrina said...

Which restaurant is that? They have papal relics! And you're right -- those dishes would be much more valuable with his actual DNA still on them. ;-)

Which reminds me of a conversation Felipe and I had several days ago: he said if they take religious relics on world tours for the faithful, why can't they do the same for great musicians' relics? So we started envisioning going to the museum, and in a heavily guarded hall, cordoned off and encased in bulletproof glass, would be Jimi Hendrix's guitar pick! Or, in a temperature-controlled room, with an invisible alarm system a la Mission Impossible, would be Jim Morrison's vomit-stained T-shirt! Why not, indeed?! Hahaha!!!

mtan said...

It's the Shangrila Chinese Cuisine restaurant along West Avenue in QC.

Wouldn't the Rock and Roll Museum have stuff like that? Or have they all been sold to theme restos like Planet Hollywood etc?

Ruy said...

I seem to remember that the spoon and fork used to have remnants of food smudges and stain when we went there a loooong time ago (when I was a teen youngster). I saw it again pretty recently and somehow they did seem cleaner than last I saw them. Hmmm... Oh well, it's probably just reconstructive memory.

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