Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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Note: I took a couple of days before I read the INFP profile, and while it hits the mark on several levels I wondered about the ff: they list people who are historically in the mold of the INFP/Dreamer. They've got folks like Audrey Hepburn, John F. Kennedy Jr., Peter Jackson, etc. Perhaps these folks took the Myers Briggs at one time. But what about the inclusion of John the disciple and Virgil the poet? How can they add them to the list other than basing it on the little we have of their works??? My eyebrows raised in doubt. Or perhaps that's part of my personality trait. In the list of fictional characters who fit the INFP list, I particularly enjoyed seeing Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes fame) and Fox Mulder in the list. No wonder I like those two series so much!


wysgal said...

I'm an ENTJ ... which is incidentally a standard personality type for future-CEOs. They say 60% of b-school students are ENTJs. =)

Katrina said...

I remember taking the Meyers-Briggs test many years ago for work. Except for being a clear (though far from extreme) E, the rest were borderline. I took it again now, and I'm more or less ESTP. Certain major points were so not me, so I checked out the next closest -- ESTJ. But that was even farther away.

The multi-intelligence test was more accurate. Unsurprisingly, my top 3 were Verbal, Interpersonal and Logical. Physical was, of course, rock bottom. :-D

christine said...

I'm not surprised with your results, especially in the multiple intelligence chart. :)

mtan said...

Hi Tina! Or ENTJ with a current sweet tooth :)

Katrina, we've got the same last place finish! lol kinetics ain't for me.

Nena, thanks for posting this!

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