Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Last full show

Does one scream at a concert? Indeed. What about a concert that is filmed then screened on a maxxed out movie screen? Perhaps not.
Food friends C and CJ have called out to those of us who haven't gone to see the U2 concert on IMAX yet, and without much mulling over, I said yes. I've been a U2 fan since the 80's, I love the Edge, and want to see them live in concert one day. But this movie will have to do for now. If only I don't end up being the only one who screams "I love you Edge (Mr. Edge? hehehe)!!!" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Katrina said...

I think the ideal way to watch U23D is in a theater full of U2 fans who are game to stand up and dance and sing along. When we went, there weren't a lot of people at all, and even though my friends and I all felt like standing up, clapping, and cheering, it just didn't feel right. But when my cousin went, he and his group of 15 friends took the seats at the very back, then stood throughout, fists pumping air and really doing it right.

I hope you enjoy the show, Mila! I thought it was incredible!

Katrina said...

And by the way, Edge looked HOT! What a body that man has!

Sakai said...

too bad i wasnt able to watch this

christine said...

Oh yes, Edge was indeed hot! They both were! Sigh. Kakalaglag-panty. And how frustrating no? You get the best angles you could never get if you were the concert, but you don't get the energy from the crowd, it's an essential part.

mtan said...

Yup, The Edge is the Man. Laglag for sure!!! Heehee
But yes, imagine if you could get those same angles with the energy of a real concert? Gollygeewillikers!

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