Saturday, May 05, 2007


My older sister sent me a text:
"Hey there, we may have left someone you know confused. I am at Rustan’s Makati, didn’t notice until after a couple of minutes that a woman was calling out your name. When I glanced in her direction, she was looking at me intently. I looked away, and only realized that she probably mistook me for you. Funny that people still get us confused for one another.”

This is not the first time that we’ve been mistaken for one another. Although she is nearly a decade older than me, my sister and I are close enough in appearance, but particularly in voice, that my friends have accidentally started telling her stuff thinking she was me, or her workmates would sit next to me and ask about the kids, or even our parents would first ask over the phone “who am I speaking to? Which daughter is this?”

If I ever hoped to have a twin, my sister is as close as I’ll get. I might be a bit taller, and she might have lost her girly figure after giving birth, but we can still pass for the other especially when we’re not together. And as I’ve noted in the past, when we are together, we can come up with a naughty plan or two.


canDIshhh said...

I have a twin! But he's a boy..:( It would have been nice to play rounds on people and switch identities once in a while! Hmm..

M.Tan said...

Cool Candishhhh, very Shakesperean!

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