Friday, May 25, 2007

Another round through the bookbins

A recent quiet afternoon was spent making difficult decisions. How many hardbound books can I comfortably lug around given that they only cost P65 (or the equivalent of US$1.44) each, but weigh a lot more than their paperbound copy? And if I do buy these books, what books in my current collection will I end up giving away or sell on consignment?

Weighty issues indeed, pardon the pun. I opted for 4 hardbound books and a paperback copy that weighed as much as the other books due to its size. And where does one find P65 books these days? At National Bookstore Cubao, the 4 story cornerstone of the book seller's empire. I've had previous visits over the last couple of years, but hadn't been back since they completed a facelift. What I didn't know was that they'd also be overhauling the insides, plus moving things around. In the past, the 4/F was the booklovers bin. A whole floor, about 300sqm of shelves, and books, no order, no system, just go through it and see what gems you can find. Average cost for the paperbacks, however, was between P100 to P250.

On this last visit, things were noticeably different. There were book bins of P65 books on the 2nd and 3rd floors, plus BARGAIN signs on certain tables. The 4/F was now shared with children's books, hobbies, and only half of the space was made over to the bargains. However, most of the bargain books were now priced at P200. Somehow, I'd prefer to rifle through the P65 bit below.

As to the 2nd question, I plan to do a review of all my books after I return from a short trip in June. I will sort, donate, and sell. Painful to lose the sense of floating in a bookworld around the house, but it's also necessary. The sense of being oppressed by one's possession presses down on me and I need to yank the yoke of that weight off very soon.


christine said...

When you decide to sell, send me a list, I might just buy. :)

ChichaJo said...
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ChichaJo said...

Me too! :) Let me know!

M.Tan said...

I'll send the list around or maybe post it on Multiply.

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