Tuesday, May 01, 2007


In lieu of going all the way to Italy for gelato, hop over to Greenbelt 3 in Makati, and get yourself a cone or cup of gelato from Gelantone. The gelato display is in front of the cafe, attracting a good throng on these hot summer days. My friend A and I had a sandwich inside, followed by 2 scoops of gelato each. He had pistachio and black cherry, while I had the lemon sorbet and white chocolate. The lemon was a crisp, bright flavor, perfect for summer. Combined with the white chocolate gelato, the zing of the lemon lifted the other flavor. I got to taste the pistachio and cherry (colorwise, it was the perfect match to what I was wearing - pink and green); the pistachio was not as nutty as I'd like, while the cherry was mildly fruity.

Other flavors available today included a Nutella, a number of chocolate based flavors, a lime sorbet, raspberry, vanilla with apple, and a berry mix. While we were talking with the proprietor, she offered us a taste of the coffee topped by espresso, turning it into an affogatto (pardon any spelling errors).

A single scoop is P100, and a double scoop is P190. Half a kilo for takeout is P550, and a kilo is P990.

Gelantone is an offshoot of Pagliacci over at the Podium. Same gelato, and they use the bread made at Pagliacci for their panini, although our orders weren't pressed today (does that make it a non-panini?). I found the sandwiches to be a bit basic for the price they were charging (P220 to P270), but I'd definitely enjoy trying out the other flavors over time.

Gelantone is on the 2/F of Greenbelt 3, across from Tropezz, beside Cafe Bola.


christine said...

Coffee topped with espresso?! I want to try that!

M.Tan said...

Dome does an afogatto too. Gelantone's version is a special request, so you have to tell the servers you want the ice cream coffee and a shot of espresso.

christine said...

I haven't been to Dome in forever, sounds like a great reason to go now. Thanks for the tip! :)

Katrina said...

UCC used to have a Banana Affogato that was just perfect! Banana bread pudding in a ramekin, served hot with ice cream on top, then it comes with a cup of espresso that you pour over it. Sadly, it's no longer available. I guess no one knew what it was. :-(

Mezzaluna also has affogato. It comes with the chocolate cake, which is so rich that you really need to eat the ice cream/coffee with it.

I ate all that sugar again today, yet I still can't stop talking about dessert!!!

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