Friday, May 25, 2007

"Dinosaurs were on the ark"

A couple of nights ago, I caught the Simpsons episode dealing the issue of teaching evolution vs creationism/intelligent design in schools (Season 17, Episode 21: The MONKEY SUIT. A Springfield law ordered that creationism must be taught instead of evolutionary science, and Lisa springs to the defense of science. She is caught illegally promoting The Origin of the Species, and during a trial reminiscent of the John Scopes "Monkey Trial", the battle is waged for the benefit of the souls and minds of the townsfolk.

Today, rummaging through the online news, I learned that creationists are not going to simply stand by and let evolutionary beliefs take over the landscape. They've opened a Creation Museum in Kentucky, with dioramas of Eden, Noah's ark, man's descent into a world full of evil (a young teenager in front of a computer is labeled "looking at pornography"), and conceptualizing the 6000 years of life since God first cobbled the Earth. What it has also done is to incorporate some of the more typical "natural history" elements into the picture: dinosaurs. They have our reptilian brethren trotting around 6000 years ago, and supposedly all fossils are remnants of dinosaurs that perished in the great flood. However, there were a few that survived, hence the belief that they managed to get on that ark.

The dinosaurs must be rolling in their graves.

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ChichaJo said...

Can't we just agree that God (or a "greater power") created (or started) evolution? And then go have a coffe and live in peace?

Jeez, if the world was only ruled by women...I swear...

Dinosaurs became extinct because my forefathers ate them.

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