Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fruits by any other name, but not by any other price

Rockwell, May 8 '07, comparison shopping between the Rustan's Fresh supermarket and the fresh fruit stand stationed near Milkyway (that central aisle cum market).

Item number 1: Bing cherries, 500 grams. At Rustan's, the plastic wrapped bag is priced at @P570 (I saw two different prices on two bags, so approximate price given) or US$11.90. Along the central aisle, the same weight of cherries is P500 (price told to me was P1000 for a kilo) or US$10.42.

Item number 2: imported (and hormonally enlarged like Jessica Simpson's breasts) strawberries. Prepacked, with a Driscoll label. Rustans: P 848; central aisle: P800.

Convenience of getting them from Rustans is paying by credit card. Cash only at the central aisle.

Side note: the avocados in the central aisle were better than the puny, pale, rockhard avocados in the supermarket. Price not asked.

ADDENDUM: At Salcedo Market last Saturday, fruit shoppers may have found the same container of Driscol strawberries (see above) for only P600.00! And who says the Salcedo market is too expensive?

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