Monday, November 13, 2006

Week 9

If there was a worse week to start a new exercise plan, the last 7 days were it. After getting my start all shipshape, I pick up not one but what felt like two fevers/sore throats, and the latter still lingers in the form of a chest racking cough (the only good thing is that all this coughing is good for the abdominal muscles, like mini-ab workouts with every hack). It has definitely screwed up my schedule, and I only hope that my lack of appetite meant some weight loss, even if it's the worse kind.

My trainer nutritionist will be seeing me today for a long-delayed follow up meeting. I will sheepishly have to admit that I've not been in the gym, and that the Polar Heartrate monitor's diary is glaringly empty. Aiyayayay.

On the other hand, this is merely a delayed start. And I wouldn't be me if I didn't procrastinate a bit.


christine said...

Oh no, I hope you're feeling better. Normally by this time of the year I am down with some kind of flu as well because of the change in temp. But I've taken to popping Echinacea along with my Vit C everyday and I think it has definitely boosted my immune system!

Katrina said...

So sorry to hear you've been sick, although you must be much better now since I didn't notice you coughing the other day. I'm terrible about taking vitamins regularly, but whenever I start feeling poorly, I take Berocca/Redoxon 2x a day and it seems to either prevent my degeneration, or at least lessen the ill effects.

Mila Tan said...

I guess I managed to keep the coughing to a minimum during the play. But I was still feeling the after effects that night. The coughing continues.

Vit C/zinc and echinacea does help me a lot, so does Berocca! Of course I need to be taking all of this stuff BEFORE I get sick.

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