Monday, November 06, 2006

Food reunion

Following last year's somewhat intimate gathering at Galileo Enoteca, blogger supremo Marketman pulled together another friendly food gathering at Gourdo's, Fort Bonifacio last Saturday. Over 70 food fans of his blog met up for a buffet meal, and they brought/bought/made from scratch a dessert buffet that would beat any hotel dessert buffet in town. Chef Chris did himself proud by serving a wonderful italian menu (bruschettas, pastas, roast pork loin, fire roasted pizzas). And Marketman was ably helped by family, staff and the general joie de vivre we were looking forward to.

As other bloggers will post pictures and their own comments, this is merely to enumerate my own favorite moments:
- meeting other people who read the MM blog, and who also enjoy a good meal. As the post title implies, a good number of the people at last year's EB managed to make it this year; it's always fun to see familiar faces, but it was just as fun to meet new folks too.
- it was amusing to meet Aidan, son of blogger Anton (Awesome Planet). Aidan's the poster boy of AP, so those of us who read AP immediately knew who he was. His father was a bit less familiar since Anton is rarely photographed, but is the man of many words. He and his charming wife were just as interesting and fun. I hope to make their better acquaintance.
- Catching up on news with fellow chinoys Ivan and Anson, the latter gave us a few more restaurant tips (got to try that Korean restaurant at the Phil. Film Center)
- Appropriating my share of the budbud kabog giveaway (I think I like the budbud more than the ensymada), given the backstory (see Marketman)
- hearing about N. Abueva's jail time and the S&R letter to MM
- desserts, desserts, desserts - my favorite was Joey's (homemade!) dark chocolate cake. Divine! In terms of prettiest dessert, the flower cake by Marta Matute probably wins hands down. Alicia's peanut butter chocolate chip cookies were great, chunky, flavorful and full of homemade love.

A genial community of people brought together by their love of food, talk, travel, and all the good things in life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mila! It was really nice meeting you, at last!! :) Finally, I now have a face to put on a name. I really enjoy reading your blog. Cheers!!

wysgal said...

I loved the mochi balls that you brought, it was my first time to try them. This year's EB was just as fun as last year's event, although in a more large-scale, relaxed and casual setting. =)

ChichaJo said...

I had fun too! Glad you liked my cake Mila! I'm blushing with the mention :) :)

Can you believe it's been a year?

Candishhh! I feel bad I missed you and Jen! Nest time :)

Katrina said...

Candishhh, which one were you?! Wish I could've met more new people and fit more desserts in my stomach. But it was a truly wonderful evening, wasn't it? :-)

I want to return to Gourdo's for the bruschetta and fennel sausage. Hope they're on the regular menu. The only other time I've been there, I only had dessert.

christine said...

Mochi balls??? Yum,Mila! Yet another good thing I missed.

Jo, what is "nest" time? ;) heehee

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