Monday, November 20, 2006

Ruffled Bonds

Over lunch, my friend J and I argue over the merits of femininity and masculinity in ourselves. He says that some of his women friends, including me, have stronger "inner stud" qualities, which overpower our girliness. We think more like men than he does, which sometimes scares off prospective lifemates. He suggests I have a make-over. I point out that as of last Saturday, I am now the owner of ruffled frocks.

Last weekend, needing new clothes, and having some excess funds to squander, I went off to the bazaars and the mall to find something new. My intention was to find some good pants, mostly for work; so many of my pants now are in a state of disrepair. Lining's have started to fray, the fit is starting to look off, and I am bored with the clothes. However, I only found one pair of pants that I liked enough to buy (thanks Marks and Sparks), but I did find 3 dresses at K&Co that I decided to splurge on. The strange thing was that all three had ruffled. Like lacy bits, I've never been into ruffles (except in potato chips), they always seemed like a waste of textile. Plus I had it in my head that ruffles would just add to my avoirdupois. But these three dresses weren't overly ruffly, pardon my terminilogy, and given the streamlined fit and mostly one color context, the ruffles are mere accents. Like most of the other K&Co dresses I've gotten, they're wrap jersey pieces, good travel clothes that don't make life difficult. My pragmatic side to the rescue as J would see it.

The other argument we had was over new Bond, Daniel Craig, and another sexy Brit, Jason Stratham (spelling?). I got to see Casino Royale last Saturday and suggested J watch it. He said he wasn't too keen on the new Bond actor as he had hoped Jason would get the role. We broke it down into components: DC is plug ugly, has a good body, and an amazing voice (speaking). JS has an amazing body, is bald (which J thinks is a negative, but there are a lot of women who see it otherwise), and is Cockney. From one straight woman's perspective, I prefer DC over JS, based on his diction and voice quality; that voice is sexy, plain and simple, I'd forgive any man innumerable sins if he spoke with that timber and accent. JS reminds me of the soccer hooligans, and that is a turnoff. J thinks I'm crazy. Different strokes...


ChichaJo said...

Ok, first, please wear new ruffled frock for dinner! :)

Next, so you decided to make over your blog as well? :) Nice new look!

Also, Jason Stratham...hmmm...I love Daniel Craig's Bond but, truth be told, I have loved the hooligan Jason Stratham from the moment I clapped eyes on him...yes, baldness and cockney included. If I ruled the world there would be lots of Bonds and only one Bond girl :)

Mila Tan said...

Thanks Joey, I was looking at all the templates and this one seemed a bit fresher.

What color for the ruffled? Red or black?

Lol, you'd be the Bond Queen! Would your Bond-boys all look the same though or would you have a multi-national set?

wysgal said...

I second the motion for new ruffled frock!

I do agree that Daniel Craig is quite unattractive, but I've heard/read so many good things about Casino Royale I'm quite interested in seeing the movie.

ChichaJo said...

Hmmm...the red one!

My Bond boys would definitely be a multi-national set...every Bond interpretation you can think of! I wouldn't want to get bored :)

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