Wednesday, November 29, 2006

miscellany at the end of the month

There looks to be an explosion of chocolate at Serendra; three possible spots offering chocolate in some permutation or another: Cacao, Xocolat, and Chocolate Shop. Plus a dessert place, Miss Desserts (spelling and names may not be exact, my fault).

For the first time in 3 training sessions, I didn't feel like dying during the 4 minute ab session. Getting stronger perhaps.

Bought a Starbucks Christmas CD compilation; what do the songs "L-O-V-E" and "I'll be seeing you" have to do with Christmas? I love the songs, and the former is sung in the original format, Nat King Cole; while Peggy Lee does her velvety bit on the latter (I do prefer the Jo Stafford version). Overall a nice seasonal record, classic songs, classic singers.

And I was pleased to read an early review of the movie version of PERFUME (novel by Patrick Suskind). Read it, be chilled, and hope the film is half as good.


wysgal said...

I feel like exhausting all the restaurants in the Serendra area before the place picks up and gets too crowded. =)

I quite like the CDs they sell in Starbucks. Read an interesting article in the New York Times on Starbucks as a cultural arbiter a few months ago.

Mila Tan said...

There's a funny follow-up review of Starbucks aesthete on Ed Levine Eats blog, as he reviews the breakfast sandwiches Starbucks has to offer in some of their cafes in New York.

I'd like to try Abe and Duo now that the word of mouth has been good. Definitely want to go before the parking fees are implemented and it becomes impossible to find parking. I wonder what the line in front of Krispy Kreme is like today. No classes means all the kids are out in force.

wysgal said...

Haha, my sister and I were telling our 12-year old brother last night that he should have headed out for the Fort QUICKLY for a chance to get a year's supply of donuts.

Katrina said...

> I feel like exhausting all the restaurants in the Serendra area

-- Me too! Felipe and I were talking about how charming the area is and how there are now so many more new restaurants to try (I especially want to go to the dessert ones, of course). Not sure how nice Serendra will be once it becomes much more popular, though.

If we (the group from last Tues.) make the rounds of the different Serendra eateries, do you think they'll catch on to how critical, outspoken, and loud (okay, maybe this last one's just me) we are, and start blocking our reservations? ;-)

Mila Tan said...

Lol, they need loud, outspoken, and gently critical (unless provoked) people like us who will eat and enjoy their restaurants.

christine said...

I'm all for the rounds! I'm so intrigued with Abe, maybe we can do that next. And then Duo! :) I', really loving having all these choices.

ChichaJo said...

Definitely! Intrigued with Abe too after everything I've been time we can do a "dinner in one place, dessert in another" and try one of the new dessert/chocolate places :)

Mila/Wysgal...was just in Starbucks a while ago (sorry Felipe!) and remembered you guys because they were playing their Christmas CD :)

Mila, how was the review on Perfume? I am really getting into the Dante Club...I only read it late at night, and because I am such a scaredy-cat, I am always freaked out! Why do I do this???

christine said...

Just started Perfume this morning, purty good so far! :)

Mila Tan said...

The review on Perfume focused on how long it took to get the book into a movie, and then on the actor. So mostly positive. This was on New York Times online.

I suggest keep all the lights on while reading the Dante Club, and have your favorite pillow to bite on during scary scenes. :)

Mikey said...

Miss Desserts is now on its dry run in Serendra and we've had great reviews for the pastries of Bebeth. Please try to drop by if you have the time. Hope to see you all soon!

Mila Tan said...

Hi Mikey, thanks for stopping by the blog! I'll let the others know and we'll visit soon.

Mikey said...

Make sure to try her classic cheesecakes or the fantasia :) yum yum!

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