Monday, February 25, 2008

Rain on their parade

After two and a half days outside Manila, we (K, F, and I) drove back to Manila under a dark rainy cloud, ominous to say the least. We had heard of possible traffic problems with EDSA closed down, and a rally by Malacanang, and a mass over in Baclaran. Throughout the trip home we encountered check-points by police which meant intermittent delays.

To keep us from losing our cool, K played dj with the ipod, and I updated my travel companions with what was happening several thousands of miles away at the Oscars. Thanks to my cohort of Oscar watching friends, I was not kept in suspense over who was winning. The upsets on the female actor awards woke us up, and waiting with bated breath over the best actor win kept us from worrying about what was waiting for us in the city. I whooped with joy when DDL won, and that raised the question over which other actors have won multiple Oscars. With more help from friends who had access to computers and the internet, we learned that 7 actors have won two awards for best actor, but no one has won a third. On the women's side, Katherine Hepburn's won 4; 11 other actresses have won 2 each.

As the rain continued on and off in Manila, it was likewise overcast and wet over in LA. I'm just glad we have the warm weather on this side.

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Pike Market Peonies

Pike Market Peonies