Tuesday, February 26, 2008


In between the live Oscar show and repeating it later in the evening, the new cable channel, Velvet (ch53 for Skycable subscribers), presented a show called Iconoclasts. I hadn't seen this before and found it quite delightful. Yesterday's show, which I presume was a repeat, had two of Hollywood's icons in an entertaining dialogue - Paul Newman and Robert Redford. They had starred in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Sting, both have won Oscar awards, both have weathered numerous difficulties over their careers, and both look darn good for their respective ages. Newman hosted Redford at his mansion, and toured him around a rebuilt Westport Playhouse which Newman's wife championed when it needed funds for reconstruction. At the beginning of the show, Redford is driven up to the house, and Newman and he play tag as they try to find one another on the expansive lot. "Redford! Where are you? I have laryngitis for god's sake!" "Newman! What's going on? Where are you?" heehee, even gods of the acting and directing world can get lost on their own property.

Next Monday, March 3, will be a new episode, unfortunately at 11 p.m. (I tend to droop around 10 pm these days). One of my favorite chefs, Mario Batali, will be paired with one of his idols, Michael Stipes of REM. There's a shot of Mario raving at a live REM concert. I sure hope they replay that show too! Otherwise if anyone knows where I can get copies of the series, I'd love to see the entire set. I'm sure they have lots of interesting pairings like the two above. Newman! Redford!!


Katrina said...

Oh, so it's a series? I saw the plug for the first time last night while watching the Oscars, and put it in my calendar. I'm excited for the Batali+Stipe episode, as I like them both. The Newman+Redford pairing must've been really fun to see, too. I think I'll try to watch this show regularly.

Paul Newman is still very handsome and attractive, but I think Redford looks scary. He's living proof that blondes shouldn't spend so much time under the sun. The skin on his face looks like gravel, and I think he's had some (not very good) work done on himself lately.

mtan said...

I just found out that it's a Redford project, it runs on the Sundance cable channel in the US and is on its second season. If you can catch the Redford/Newman episode, it tends to be more about Newman, but its great to see them both in a lively dialogue.

Marvin said...

Yes, it does run here in the states, and I've heard a lot about the show but have never seen it.

Although, in old episodes of "Molto Mario" Michael Stipe has made a couple of appearances. Apparently they're pretty good friends.

Sakai said...

interesting pair, batali and stipes

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