Tuesday, February 19, 2008

March in Manila

What alliterative possibilities this coming month of March! Music is in the air, and the first one visiting our shores is Maroon Five, a favorite of many friends of mine (I have their current hit singing in my head). Another friend texted that Swingout Sister will also hold a concert here soon. Haven't heard a song of theirs in years, and will pass on that one too. And then Incubus, alternative rockers raising the noise level at Araneta Center in Cubao, but again, no song urges me to spend a few thousand pesos to see them.

Finally, the only concert that has caught my eye - the Harry Connick Jr. concert on March 15. With trepidation I called Ticket World and found out that the tickets range from P15,000++ to P1500++. Hmmm, I like the music, and there's a cool album of his I remember hearing once, but I'm not spending P15,000 for a ticket. With some discussion with friends who are of like minds, we plan to spend for the less expensive options. And to think I once kibbitzed at the prices for the Norah Jones concert....


Katrina said...

Of the artists rumored to be coming this year, by hook or by crook, we are determined to see U2 -- a band high on our list of must-not-miss-bands. I'd love to see Madonna for the show (am not a fan), but I hear the tickets might range from P5000-50,000!!! If the tickets are cheap, I'd even like to go see DuranDuran for fun. Not so into Incubus or Maroon 5.

Anonymous said...

my favorite Harry Conick song is this guy's in love with you

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Pike Market Peonies