Sunday, February 10, 2008

eh? tu cher?

Channel surfing this evening, and I catch a clip from a lifestyle show. The hostess (Angel Aquino I think) asks the restaurant owner why he created a jail motif for his kitchen (bars, the cooks are dressed in orange prison garb, etc), and his explanation is "Instead of wearing chef hats, all of the cooks have shaved heads, to prevent falling hairs." In tagalog. Hmmmm.... prisoners are bald? Talk about morale.

And earlier in the evening, I caught a clip of Cher who is promoting her new Las Vegas show (didn't she already do her 2nd or so retirement show about 3 years ago?). She was wearing a shaggy blonde wig which was poorly fit. Even her pink wig was way better looking on her face. This one just looked like she plonked it on her head and walked out to the interview. Like a bad toupee on a nightclub singer.

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Pike Market Peonies