Monday, February 18, 2008

In dreamland

The last week has been ripe for some way out there dreams. And even though I joked with a friend that it must have been something I ate, I wonder if there's not some other subconscious machination going on.

Dream 1: (this seriously told me I had to step away from work a bit) Board members go on a trip north, only to get stuck due to holidays. I'm trying to get them back down from their trip, and includes trying to figure out how to fit in bushels of acorns that one foodie in the group decided to buy. While I'm trying to figure out the logistics of getting them back safely, I also have to cook up pot loads of skinned rabbits which look more like chicken wings. The gore begins here as I am literally looking at all these bunny carcasses, tossing them in a vat of boiling oil. The board members return looking a bit hungry, having taken the fastest bus ever, and bringing with them more blood and guts. One takes out a calf's head, mourning the idea that the bus trip might have turned it a bit mushy; another one begins to dredge up some foie, only to eat it raw. I am still cooking the rabbit's so I don't seem fazed at all by the edibles. My dream course ends up with me tracking down another board member who is working on contracts with Joey Gosengfiao, director of Temptation Island. JG looks remarkably geeky.

Dream 2: apocalyptic, and thankfully short. A monster is on the loose and the world is facing doom. The name of the monster continues to change, morphing from something latin to "Gorgon" to something that sounded like "garmandess" to a mangle of syllables. In the meantime, while pressed by the sense of doom, my friends and I are trying to graft plants that only seem to grow in water, and they don't look like the hydroponic plants I've seen in photos. These were regular plants, but growing submerged in a liquid. We had to pinch a leaf and try to graft it to another. It was frustrating, and our hands were wrinkling.

Dream 3: a rehash of older dreams, one where the elevator in a hotel/hospital that we are staying at is constantly full and it takes forever to go up to the room. We are also burdened by more than our share of suitcases. I am, however, well dressed in a really cute suit and coat.

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