Thursday, November 22, 2007

"What's that mountain goat doing at this altitude?"

Companies have tag lines. Famous ones like Nike ("just do it") are easy to remember. Some marketing genius (or lucky duck) found something, it stuck and people recall not just the name or brand, but also the motto. It's intrinsic to the brand in many cases, just as famous as their symbol.

Schools, likewise, have slogans or something to heighten the drama. Not many are memorable, I doubt many of us remember our high school's slogan if there was one. I can remember my old school's colors (green and yellow), or my college mascot (partly because it was so weird, like some blue gumby creature). But I can't rattle my grey cells for the slogans of either. A vague memory of "something et veritas" rises from the sludge when I try to focus on our old school seal. What was very clear was the noble profile of our Native American, when we were still known as the Indians. Unfortunately the Politically Correct factions got to it and now they have some weird animal instead. I think when the animal rights folks start demanding that animals shouldn't be used for mascots we'll end up back to human images again. Or maybe inanimate items. The Chicago Bulls might end up as the Chicago Great Lakes.

Anyway, what about humans? We have names, but very few people can say they have a slogan. A few supermodels have been called The Body (Elle McPherson), and you might recall some sports figures for special moments (Diego Maradona, Hand of God). But if you're the average joe/jane, what slogan would you use? Something pithy? In Latin if you feel a bit snobby? It could be like avatars, which are so popular in this day of tech and animation. So here's your challenge, think of a slogan that might epitomize you. Post it in the comments. No rules, no restrictions. Crass, poetic, whatever.

By the way, the title of the post is something I've used as a "slogan" - rephrased from a Far Side cartoon.

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