Friday, November 16, 2007

No thanks, I MEAN IT!

Returned from an out of town conference full of well meaning people. But other than the interesting presentations, what may linger the longest was the rather annoying and intense pressure to join the group in their last night revelry. When someone says "I don't dance" or "No thank you, am not into dancing", wouldn't you just leave well enough alone? Why in all hell's bells would you continue to pester them? Was the person trying to pressure me deaf? Dumb? Insensitive? Or just plain stupid? Why continue and continue until I could barely hold myself from throwing my horrible glass of merlot at her face?

I will dance with friends, but last night was not a group of people I knew beyond a couple of hours acquantance. And being told to dance again and again is just not a nice way to spend an evening. If that woman ever ends up in Purgatory may she end up in the ring where no music reigns, and she's forced not to speak for the rest of her spiritual existence. Or persecuted by wasps saying "Dance! Dance!"


Katrina said...

Hahaha!!! Ayayay, I know exactly what that's like. Maybe she was hoping you'd get drunk enough to change your mind? It's like me hating karaoke...once in a while, with enough alcohol and when surrounded by trusted friends, I'll join in. But I've certainly been in situations like that before, when I have ZERO interest in doing what everyone else is, yet people just won't leave me alone. What a pain!

ChichaJo said...

Hahahaha! Oh Mila! If I was there I would have given her a spinning-bird-kick-roger-rabbit for you! :) must karaoke with will never even smell the microphone! Please bring earplugs though.

Seriously, I hear you guys. I hate it when people try to convince me to play sports. I know it's healthy, and a much more noble pursuit than dancing and karaoke will ever be, but how many ways do I have to say that I am a total klutz (at sports not dancing) and I hate competition!? Criminy :(

Em Dy said...

And how some people cannot take NO for an answer when they egg you on to sing a song? Images of past team-building sessions and parties with well-meaning hosts come to mind.

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