Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Eavesdropping tidbits

Overheard at the theater (Music Museum, Into the Woods show):

"Act Two? There's an Act Two?" (methinks he was ready to head home)

"Couldn't understand the lyrics, it was like watching a British movie!" (Sorry, no subtitles)

"Did you hear about George Clooney and Fabio?" (Oy vey)

Distinct gasps when some onstage canoodling took place between two married characters. Yup, this is the Pinas.

"How tall was the Giant?" "Too tall to have on stage!" (Use your algebra/geometry lessons to figure it out.)


christine said...

Hahaha, someone in our group asked if it was over also at intermission. ""Did you hear about George Clooney and Fabio?" - this still cracks me up!

wysgal said...

Sondheim isn't for everyone. I remember first watching this YEARS ago when I was way too young to be watching stuff like this ... Repertory did a production in Meralco I think. And I watched is semi-recently on Broadway ... the same night I flew into New York from Manila so I was falling asleep during the show from jet lag. =)

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Pike Market Peonies