Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Segue within the genre

A colleague popped in this afternoon to get some forms fixed and somehow the topic of watching Into the Woods came up. He then told me about the worst musical show he had to suffer through recently. A Filipino-chinese community event showcased a history of the chinoys (chinese-pinoy), had a few relatively famous names attached to it, but was the most amateur production this side of the Pasig river. I couldn't stop laughing as he told me about the miserable 2 hours he had to sit through: the 15 kids who couldn't sing a note; the can-can line of firefighters (real volunteer firefighters) who looked befuddled as they hichkicked through a song; the technical problems including audio that was too loud and a spotlight that couldn't catch up with the performers. He desperately wanted to leave after the first 30 minutes but the production didn't include an intermission - maybe they knew that if they had one, they'd only have less than half their audience left. He muffled his giggling through the schmaltzy song numbers, but a few of the older audience members would throw him dagger looks when they heard him snorting in the back. He couldn't help but feel in the minority when at the finale, the venerable chinoys gave the cast a standing ovation. He just felt that it wasn't worth the several hundred pesos for a ticket! Perhaps it was karmic retribution for something in his recent past! lol


grumpyurbanslacker said...

your post really had me laughing! :-D i thought that Kaisa show would be much better, based on the newspaper press releases.

buti na lang hindi ako nanuod.

mtan said...

Thanks for visiting grumpy! My colleague made it sound hilarious, but I'm sure it was a horrifying experience for him that night.

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