Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Eye candy

A friend is going to Switzerland next year for Euro2008. She was quite disappointed recently hearing the results of elimination games, England lost to Croatia, and Ukraine is out of competition too. She had hopes of seeing some of her favorite male football players in play, plus one who she was ready to boo and heckle. But none of them will be around. At least she will have the boys of Italy and a few favorites in the Portugal team to look out for.

She mused that if she had the power to build a stable of studs, most of them would be football players. She grudgingly agreed to consider some of the manly attributes of the french rugby team, famous for their Dieux de Stade calendars.

As we ran through her list, I wondered who I'd have in this fantasy island? I have favorite football players too, but considering how large their egos are, I don't know if I'd appreciate their other attributes. Not unless they are muzzled. So I have a shortlist of possible droolishious men for that isle:

* Canavarro of the winning Italian Team at last year's World Cup. For his bod.
* Neil Gaiman, writer, for his hair.
* Viggo Mortensen, actor, for those gorgeous eyes, and yes, the bod too.
* J. Denk, classical pianist and blogger, for writing a comparison between a rice twinkie and Beethoven. Got to have some sort of artistic/intelligent conversation while enjoying the view. Don't know if he's cute, but he can write and tinkle the ivories in the dark corner if he's not.
* Mario Batali. He's not cute, unless you want wheezy red heads, but the man can cook!
* There's a guy on some DIY/Home renovation show, has the looks of a greek god (no, not that shrimpy designer on Oprah), but whose name I can't remember. Anyway him, so he can build the stable, plus keep the island in some order.


ChichaJo said...

I already have one football player in my stable so YAY I'm off to a good start! :)

Then Tyson Beckford my ultimate ultimate because he is such a good mix of whatever it is that he is.

Then Mohinder Suresh for his genetic smarts and accent.

Then Peter Petrelli for his powers and ok for his looks na rin.

Then Jamie Oliver because he is cute as a button and cooks.

Then Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson as Zoolander and Hansel because I will need some guys to entertain me.

King Leonidas to keep everyone in line. And for his bod.

Katrina said...

I've had a hard time narrowing it down, but you know that I have to have Viggoooohhh, Johnny Depp, Tony Leung, and Joel Torre just for being beautiful and sexy and intelligent, with that throw-you-against-the-wall factor that makes me weak (though I have to say that Viggo, a modern Rennaissance man, is SO much more than just his looks).

Gotta have hot musicians: Lenny Kravitz, Seal, and Bono

To make me laugh, Tony Bourdain (who'll also be my party buddy) and Conan O'Brien (geeky, but I like him).

And in case Tony is too wasted or lazy to cook, did you know tht Gary Dourdan (CSI Las Vegas, he of the green eyes and wild hair) used to be a chef?!

By the way, you are totally right about Tyson, Joey! I can't look at his body without my jaw dropping. What a perfect male specimen he is!

mtan said...

Tony Leung! Thanks for reminding me of him Katrina. Yes, definitely got to have him fly in every so often. You get him every other day ok? :D

Did not know that about Gary whatsisname. And he's hot. Gorgeous eyes. Remember that guy from the Cuban movie we saw? That guy too, great eyes.

Joey, is Peter Petrelli the character from Heroes or someone else? Adrian Pashdar is the actor who plays one of the Petrelli brothers, is that the one you like or Milo Ventimiglia?

Katrina said...

I think Joey meant Peter Petrelli from Heroes.

I didn't even know the name of the actor from CSI (I don't watch it regularly), but when I Googled it, I read an article that said he was a chef.

Oh, and how could I forget?! I have to add Gael Garcia Bernal! Now, he is sizzling!!!

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