Monday, September 18, 2006

Jump the cat, Spanish film festival, and Nah

Gabi is eating well, pooping too much as well. Good god, she's sucking in her kibble like a refugee. I'm experimenting on her litter box, bought a new container, trying new clumping odor absorbers. And the new Lysol Naturair or Naturpure air cleaner works!!! Better than regular Lysol.

For those planning on habla-ing espanol in October, check out the upcoming Spanish film festival schedule, beginning Oct 3 at Greenbelt 3. P50 a movie. Looking forward to a few good films to wile away the month.

Good friend J (my unofficial sounding board and voice of conscience) tells me I should be perkier, girl-ier. Not to naysay offers when they come my way. Too tired though last friday to be "perky" (what am I? a blonde cheerleader?). So yes, I just said "Nah."


Katrina said...

If you were perky and girly, you wouldn't be the Mila we know! UGH, I've been told countless times to be more this and less that...I responded exactly the same way: Nah.

Rather than be like the rest, just look for those who are like you. Or don't -- being unlike anyone is more interesting.

christine said...

well said Katrina!

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Pike Market Peonies