Saturday, September 23, 2006

do it yourself food tour

Fans of Anton's blog (Our awesome planet) know that he's done a series of Pampanga food tours. And the pics do make you want to lick the computer screen (don't you wish there was a virtual taste bud on the computer that would evoke the essence of a picture? Sort of a scratch and sniff, except it would be a lick and taste. Anyway...).
As I've tried and failed to attend the tour once before, I had mentioned to a few foodie friends (foodistas? food-aholics? gourmands?) that we should join or do our own. Ian the ice cream man did just that today and he said he was truly satisfied with his first outing.
Since I've got a "free weekend" before I begin my new job, I'm going to go to Pampanga, and Ian's already agreed to go with me. Who else is interested? We can follow Anton's route or try new things. It's set for October 14, Saturday. Sign up!


Katrina said...

Count us in! Actually, I've yet to ask Felipe, but I'm pretty sure he'll be eager to go. I just hope work won't get in the way. (Your resignation is making me bright green...)

Having Ian along would be a blast! I get good vibes from him. :-) Will Anton and Spanky join us, or will this be a fully "independent" tour?

Mila Tan said...

I'll check with Anton and Spanky, otherwise it's just us! Ian's got a friend or two who might go too.

Other option is to do this on Oct 23/24 as it is the end of Ramadan (surely neither you or Felipe will be made to work then).

Katrina said...

There is no holiday that is 100% sacred in my line of work. Well, MAYBE Christmas Day...However, I do know officemates who've had to work on New Year's Eve, so I wouldn't be all that shocked if Dec. 25 has been a working day for some other advertising slave...

christine said...

How fun! I'm jealous. You'll have to take pictures and tell me all about it. And hopefully if it was indeed enjoyable, you can plan another one when I can make it. :) Have fun!

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Pike Market Peonies