Thursday, September 21, 2006

30 day notice

I filed my resignation today, and it went well. Boss lady was affected and she said I'd be missed, but that she was happy for me. So that's all good, right? But it does leave me with less than 3.5 weeks to get through the transition. Paperwork, filing more papers, getting rid of rubbish (papers again). And moving my fish tank! That will be the biggest problem! Plus, what to leave behind? The plants, some books, and a whole load of paper.

I'll miss my 10/F view of the parking lot and the building next door, and my nice 17 inch flatscreen monitor. I'll miss having an office so close to the saturday market that I can dump my purchases in the fridge while I shop for more non-essentials. I'll miss being close to friends for lunch.

I'll miss going to Hanoi this December for a workshop, and the possible trip to Minneapolis next May for our annual conference.

I'll miss the friends I've made all over the world, who I only get to see once a year sometimes, but who've made my life a better, wiser, happier one.


wysgal said...

Have fun with whatever exciting things lie ahead of you. =)

christine said...

Oh wow, when you said there's be some changes, you meant big ones. :) Good for you for moving your cheese, what's next for Mila?

Mila Tan said...

Thank you ladies, I look forward to the new chapters ahead.

Pike Market Peonies

Pike Market Peonies