Thursday, July 03, 2008

Picnic food

Mark Bittman (the Minimalist) posted 101 tips for meals in 10 minutes, now in light of the summer season in N. America, he's written up a list of 101 picnic dishes. Many of them would be great for daily munchies too. I particularly like the idea of the edamame salads. Look through the short list of cold noodles and there is the kimchi sesame noodle dish again! I will take it as a sign that I've got to have me some kimchi and noods! Pack these meals in your bento boxes for the kiddies, so they don't turn towards the bag of chips and sugary juice drinks.

The weather on this side of the Pacific is not conducive to picnics, not unless you're into packing rain jackets and boots along with the wicker basket and red checkered cloth. Today's weather speaks of soup and hearty bread, a stew, and hot chocolate. Mulled wine.

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ChichaJo said...

Love the list M! Tasty and easy dishes...thanks for sharing it :)

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Pike Market Peonies