Thursday, July 17, 2008

In the 80's

Fiddled with the online radio, couldn't quite figure out what I wanted to listen to - started with jazz instrumentals but felt myself dozing at 8 am. Changed to Big Band Vocals, and squirmed when listening to a sappy rendition of "East of the Sun, West of the Moon". Brit pop, my head started to hurt after two songs, and I was starting to feel disillusioned with music.

Then I popped over to 80's music and found myself singing along to George Michael, Rick Springfield, Spandau Ballet, Human League... and all is well in the world. Enough energy to keep me awake, some nostalgia, some silly songs (Whip it)!


Isabetlog said...

Hey Mila! Nice seeing you again last night. 80's huh? You should've gone to the Lost 80 concert not too long ago if only to see A Flock of Seagulls. But hey, in case you haven't heard, Rick Astley and Tony Hadley will be playing separate concerts next month ;-)

- Isabelle

mtan said...

Hi Belle! Yeah, I heard Rick Astley was going to visit! See you in Corregidor!

Achilles said...

Sorry forgive me but there were no Online Radios in the 80's.
The internet was introduced to the world in 1993, only MIT,CALTECH and the Pentagon had Internet in the late 90's.

The Philippines in the 80's before didn't have any internet provider and Yahoo just started the Message board before Yahoo messenger.

The Computer in 1993 in America was the IBM 486 and the cell were called car phones it was like a cordless phone in size.

Katrina said...

Now you know why The Ronnies are always a blast! ;-D

mtan said...

Thank you for your note Achilles, but if you read my short post properly, you would realize that I wasn't referring to online music IN the 1980's, but I was online yesterday, turned on Yahoo online radio and loaded several different channels, including the best of the 80's, a compilation of the hits from that particular decade. If you have a Yahoo account, you can find the online radio station among your plug-ins.

Katrina, when Nena's back, let's go to Magnet to see them perform!

ChichaJo said...

I want to see the Ronnies too! :)

Isabetlog said...

Hey Mila! Yeah, so are you watching? Gosh, I hope next weekend will be typhoon-free!!

mtan said...

Joey, let's all go to Magnet! Don't they have a good crispy pata there?

Belle, it all depends if I'm town. August is a bit messy for me, but if I am here, I'll try to go. I wonder if RA still looks like a little boy in big man's clothing? :D

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