Tuesday, July 08, 2008

In season

It might be a bit early, but I found a good stash of mangosteens at the Sungee fruit and produce store near my office (along Pasong Tamo Extension). Pricewise, P160 a kilo, so I got four plump looking ones, and paid a bit over P80 for them. I'm waiting till I get home to have my way with them, for I am not a neat mangosteen eater and I must have solitude when tearing them open, sucking each sweet globule down.

Last year, after a visit to sunny southern Mindanao, friend M sent us home with four kilos of mangosteen each. Freshly picked from one of the islands nearby (and better known as a refuge for bad pirates), we were thrilled to have our personal stash of these lovely fruit. Maybe I should text M and ask her for a couple of kilos when she returns hither. I'll swap cheese for mangosteen! I'll buy her flowers! I'll make her eggs benedict!


ChichaJo said...

If I supply more eggs for the benedict can I have some of M's mangosteens? :)

Btw, how were the ones you bought?

mtan said...

Sure! I'll let you know if she agrees to the barter :)

The ones I bought were still a bit too tart, but edible. They were quite tasty though, juicy and not one had bad fruit.

christine said...

I'm literally salivating and smacking my lips at this post and imagining myself having my way with them! :) Have you ever made your own mangosteen jam? I want to attempt it someday soon.

mtan said...

Nena, I am ashamed to admit that I don't think I have the control to stop myself from eating mangosteen, freshly picked and bursting with the fruit. Making jam I leave to those with more patience and self-control. I'll gladly taste test your jam experiments!

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