Monday, August 13, 2007

Stairs in the night

Woozy from an athletic dream, I recall most of it in spurts. Lots of friends and family involved, but the one standout, common theme all night was stairs. And "thwarted". I'll get to the latter later.

First, there was the part of C and I driving UP stairs, me thinking (in the dream) "Midlevels" - aha, a HK connection! Then we end up running down the stairs, only to have to climb back up later.

Following all that up and down, I have to dash to a lunch with food friends, only to find myself having to choose between two twisty, foliage filled staircases downwards. I choose one that isn't busy, but more twisty. Down I go. After never reaching my goal, constantly bedeviled by family naysayers and people who seem to be in the way, I have to make a final run, through a strong downpour (more rain for the drying up dams?), up a staircase, while a long lost friend appears riding a scooter saying how nice it was to see me again. Eh?

No wonder I woke up with a headache and tired muscles.

On two occasions in the dream, I was hampered by the people around me. I was told by a vendor that they couldn't give me change, although from the looks of their coffers, they had enough spare coins to throw around. And I couldn't continue to insist as I was rushing to catch a train and my friends were waiting. On the way to the lunch, I was taken in by aunts, parents, long lost acquantances (on scooters) delaying my meal, one that I had organized and paid for in celebration of an event. I could even see the meal taking place when I'd crane my head, but crossing the line seemed impossible.

Frustration and exhaustion to start the week.


ChichaJo said...

Mila! I told you C (is this C or another C?) was in HK right? And I did tell you he was in midlevels right? Or else that would be just too weird!!!

I also get these "strange" dreams...when I see you next I'll ell you about my spider series!

mtan said...

It was C, and yes, totally weird. Coinkidink?

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