Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Crisis control

oh what a day it has been, what a rare mood im in (not) why it's almost like being ... well, the end of that line is "in love" but right now, i'm just plain exhausted. Another storm has entered the vicinity, and classes were suspended. While we were trying to get the kids home to their warm loving parents, I get one guy who should be suspended from parenthood. He rates his driver's convenience over his son and went on a hysterical rant about the government being effed up so why are we listening to them and their announcements about classes? Then one kindergarten kid gets left behind while the rest of the student body has left, so we stick around to keep her company, but the poor thing seriously needs to get home, and so do the rest of us.

When we all finally leave, I try to avoid traffic, but end up stuck in 3 hours of it. I figure I should drop by my parents place first to make sure they're ok, and reward myself with some of my dad's birthday cake; unfortunately no chocolate cake left. Sigh.

I get home at last, and then get the final blow. Water damage from today's strong rain. Bathroom and storage room hit. Water. 4 inches of it. Sob. But no, I can get through this. Not the first time I've had to deal with this. Call the landlady, call the repairmen, call my friend A who can listen to me bitch about the stupid contractor who didn't fix the problem right. Call the landlady again. And bail. Buckets of water bailed. Boxes damaged, papers, some school notes, my old suitcase. Am never putting anything in that storage space again.

If I were an alcoholic, this would be the right time for getting soakingly drunk. Without that option, i'm left sober and stressed on my sofa. Sleep is all that's left to me at this point. What a day indeed.


Katrina said...

Oh, Mila! What a bad day you had! :-( I think that if I had dealt with that problem at work, then 3 hours stuck in traffic, only to get home and find my house flooded...well, I wouldn't have sounded as fine as you did when we were chatting at that late hour. And you never even mentioned it! Wow. I admit -- I'm a complainer. So I have to say, I really admire you. :-)

wysgal said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about the traffic + water crisis! Like they said though ... what doesn't kill us ... makes us cry. =O Seriously though, it's quite amazing what we can survive --- a testament to female fortitude!

mtan said...

Actually Katrina, it helped to talk to you about other things. Got my mind off wanting to murder lousy contractors who can't do a job right.

Tina, yes, that's why I didn't succumb to crying. While I was bailing I was thinking of things to be grateful for, but it wasn't working! lol Then I ate a lot of high fat, high salt food, and watched late night comedy.

ChichaJo said...

Oh man! Sorry to hear about your super-lousy day :( To think I was bugging you for exchange rates last night! You are a real trouper :) I wished you lived nearer me so I could have taken you to Murphy's so we could get properly buzzed and fugeddaboudit ;)

christine said...

"Then I ate a lot of high fat, high salt food, and watched late night comedy." A sure-fire cureall. You poor thing, I'm sorry you went through all that. You need to pamper yourself. Oh wait, you're off to the south for a nice vacation and even nicer food! :)

mtan said...

Joey, if I lived near Murphy's, I'd have bailed (literally) out of my "Katrina Hurricane Victim" mode and in the bar for a drink.

Nena, yes, i'm looking forward to leaving Manila for the weekend, and spending time with friends. Enjoy your trip to Cebu!

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