Sunday, August 19, 2007

red-tipped thumbs

4 kilos. P5 each kilo. A steal, no matter what you call it. I'm now down to 3 kilos, having devoured one.

Each globe is full of luscious, sweet segments. There's the sap. And there's the stain.

One friend had never tasted one before. Shocking. For a Pinoy not to have tried it once in 30+ years of having lived in this country, it makes no sense. So we showed him how to crack one open. And he didn't know that it can cost a whole lot of cash, so he nearly choked on it when we told him what it goes for in Manila.

And speaking of cost, here is what it costs across that large pond to the right of us plus a large expanse of land: $11/kilo . It makes what I brought back to town a whole lot more valuable.

The only downside's been stained fingertips.


ChichaJo said...

I looove mangosteen! :) Just don't wear white while eating it :)

Katrina said...

Thanks for this, Mila. My friend's been bringing out a bowl of mangosteen after every meal here, but I keep snubbing it in favor of other stuff. I must remember to have some at breakfast tomorrow.

I can't get over it...P5/kilo?!?!?!

mtan said...

Yup, from Jolo! And imagine what we'd have to go through if we had to pay US prices for the fruits we take for granted everyday!

christine said...

Love this fruit, stained fingertips and all. Like santol, I can't get enough of it's tartness.

Franco said...

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