Tuesday, August 14, 2007

News you can use or take for a walk

The minimum daily wage in Manila just went up by P12, Manilenos are now getting P362 a day. Doesn't include household help or those that fall under private care service in a household (drivers?).

New Yorkers may have the highest life expectancy amongst Americans because they walk, and they walk fast. Does that mean Pinoys will probably be in the bottom rung in a life expectancy survey because we can barely manage to walk 100 meters without whining about the heat? Among Asian cities, I think HK has the closest pace to NY. I remember getting leg cramps the first week of living there from all the walking to and from the subway and then to work, and up the stairs to my 6/F aerie in Causeway Bay (no elevators in those old apartment buildings). Fastest escalators for sure.

For some (darn) reason, I can't perfect the daily geography quizzes on the National Geographic GeoBee. 10 questions, hard ones too, and I keep getting 9 out of 10.


Katrina said...

Wow! You're annoyed about getting 9/10? I don't know if I'd get a single question right! Just as I can't find my way around my own city without explicit directions, I'm no good with the rest of the world, either. :-/

mtan said...

It gets annoying because I'm so close to getting a quiz right, then one question throws me. Just one quiz!!!!

christine said...

Aaahhhh I got 7! I know so little about Africa.

How funny that NY'ers have the highest life expectancy. Doesn't their stress outweigh their walking?

mtan said...

10! At last!

Pike Market Peonies

Pike Market Peonies