Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Never say diet again

Two weeks of meals and my clothes are on the verge of suffocating me. None of the buttons have popped yet, but I can feel the impending doom if I don't cut down. Not to mention, seriously start exercising again. Health is wealth. Although there's the other axiom: life's too short, eat more dessert.

Since diets are so inevitably boring (rabbit food, or shakes or blechy stuff like that), I decided on Sunday to change that. I'll not be dieting per se, but eating consciously: more vegies, smaller portions. Last night for instance, I had a cup of cucumbers in vinegar, pepper and salt. I was also experimenting with a Cuban sandwich, which came out better than expected. A small toasted brioche, stuffed with a slice of lean ham, beef pastrami, arugula, cucumbers, cheese, and a spicy bean aoili, with a serving of pickles for that added twist. Tasty, filling, healthy.

Tonight, avocado!


christine said...

Good luck to you, Mila. I've been trying to do the same but it's so difficult when you eat out all the time (like last night!). Speaking of avocado, I had the most wonderful avocado shake at the CDO airport cafe of all places, soooo good!

M.Tan said...

Thanks Nena! Avocado shakes are good eats. Hmmm, another reason to go to CDO lol

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