Friday, July 13, 2007

Both round, both dough

We've survived the first two days of school. Months of getting the school cleaned up, repainting, purchasing by the freight loads, nagging the contractors, training the guards, janitors, it guys; putting it together as the song says, bit by bit. Wondering if it will ever get done in time, carpets having to be replaced, new spaces fit with equipment. And then it's all down to day one.

Day one is also our welcome to the parents, chance to get together, chat, have coffee and munchies. Donuts, boxes of them on offer. The smell of all those donuts got into everyone's offices. Then the parents themselves added to the fray by sending in more boxes for teachers and staff. Everywhere you turned round fried dough topped with glaze or powdered sugar or stuffed with cream. The smell of sugar and fat.

Day two is now turning into a pizza day. Boxes of it in the faculty lounge, and to treat the staff for getting through the first days, several more are coming in for merienda. Cheese, meat, vegetables, dough. Round dough. Chewy, salty, spicy dough.


wysgal said...

Frieds carbs ... there's nothing like it.

M.Tan said...

hi tina, yeah, i feel like a piece of fried dough right now.

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Pike Market Peonies