Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pavlovian responses

I was bloghopping and came across the photo of fresh santol with a drizzle of salt, the subtitle was Stare and Salivate (see Senor Enrique's blog). Even before I read the orders, I could feel my salivary glands leaching out their fluids. I love a good santol, the meaty flesh, the sour tones, the sometimes light sweetness. Peel away the inedible outer skin, and eat it straight like an apple (expect to pucker up from the acidity), or dip it into something salty: rock salt, patis (fish sauce), or vinegar with salt. Sometimes I find enough bagoong (fermented shrimp/fish paste) to smear on a particularly sour slice and gobble it up.

Some years ago, there was a restuarant that offered a buffet with one santol dish; the fruit was marinated in strong vinegar, spicy red onions, and floating bits of jalapenos or the local green spicy peppers. I loved this salad! I recreated it once although I steeped the santol in for too long and it was like burning my tongue and inner cheek linings everytime I ate some. Whoohooo!

Santols are in season now, go salivate and eat some.


ChichaJo said...

I was salivating just reading this!

Anonymous said...

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