Wednesday, June 27, 2007

20 out of 50

As an addendum to the Lakbayan map of the Philippines, I traced it back to a website that did one for the world and one for the US. Here are my US travel results:

create your own visited states map

I didn't include states that I have driven through. I haven't been to many southern states, although I have wanted to visit New Orleans, Savannah, and go to Memphis for the bbq festival. My dad's doing a cruise to Alaska this week, so he's got a leg up on me there. I sure hope I don't end up waiting till I'm in my 80's to see the Alaskan fjords and icebergs.

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Katrina said...

I've been to 11. (Though, with my poor geography knowledge, I might be a bit off.) That's a lot better than I did on the Philippine map. Sad...MUST CORRECT SOON!

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